“But Africans already have the Bible.”

Millions of readers use the King James or other version that are difficult for many to understand. The Africa Study Bible will bring God’s Word to the common people of Africa in modern readable translations with helps and notes that bring understanding and apply truth to life.

The African church lacks a study Bible with an African-centric approach.

The Africa Study Bible, initiated by Oasis International LTD, is the work of Christian leaders from all corners of this culturally diverse continent. When Oasis President, Matthew Elliott, met with leaders acrossthe continent in 2010, their response was unanimous:

“This is a project Africa needs. This must be done!”

The Africa Study Bible will use the clear, accurate and accessible language of the New Living Translation for the millions of Africans who read English, with other languages added over time. French and Portuguese will be added quickly. The commentary, written by leading African pastors and scholars, will make it the first-ever complete study Bible that ministers specifically to the needs of Protestant Christians in Africa.

Scripture comes alive with African insights and experiences!


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